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InstantLabs is a medical diagnostics firm that has developed a ground breaking diagnostic technology that will reduce the cost of laboratory testing by as much as 10 to 15 percent, and reduce sample size and reagents required to conduct tests by 1000%. The InstantLabs Accelerated RT-PCR® "lab on a chip" has applications for healthcare, public health, veterinary, homeland security, food safety, law enforcement and defense industries. The product can do in minutes what traditional reference labs today take hours to days to accomplish. InstantLabs uses nanotechnology for Accelerated PCR laboratory operations on a disposable microchip called Accelerated PCR Rapid Results Module. These Modules are interfaced with controller/readers that serve fixed and mobile laboratory applications, point of care and point of need solutions to small hand held devices for results reporting. InstantLabs is headquartered in Washington DC and maintains a research laboratory in the BioPark.
Neil Sharma, Ph.D.
Director Product Development
800 W. Baltimore Street, Suite 407
Baltimore, MD  21201
Tel: 410.244.1303

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