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Noxilizer, Inc.

Noxilizer is pioneering the development of a unique and superior sterilization technology that will revolutionize two major sterilization markets — hospitals and life science manufacturing. In hospitals, Noxilizer is developing a system especially for the sensitive high-tech equipment increasingly used in minimally invasive surgical procedures. In the life science market, the development of next generation therapies and medical devices is constrained by current sterilization technologies. Noxilizer’s advantages include: more gentle and lethal sterilization, safe for workers and the ability to sterilize long lumens used in minimally invasive surgery and other procedures. Noxilizer is committed to providing innovative solutions for healthcare professionals and their patients. The company was founded in 2004 and is privately held.

Contact Name: 
Lawrence Bruder
President & Chief Executive Officer
801 W. Baltimore Street
Suite B100
Baltimore  Maryland  21201
United States