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Biomedical Research Supply Core (BIORESCO "Freezer Program")

Tenants of the University of Maryland (UM) BioPark are eligible to participate in the Discount "Freezer Program" offered by the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Biomedical Research Supply Core (BIORESCO). In operation at UMB for nearly 20 years, BIORESCO's mainstay service is purchasing items and services utilized in research labs from more than 50 vendors. The items are procured at discounted prices and are re-sold to researchers at a lesser cost than that which they would pay, if ordering directly. Located in the UM School of Medicine, BIORESCO's proximity to the BioPark allows timely, and in most cases, same day delivery.

New Accounts: Tenants who enroll in BIORESCO will receive a $250 credit toward their first order.
To establish a BIORESCO account, please contact:

Carol A. McKissick, MBA
Admin. Program Director-BIORESCO
(410) 706-0937



  • BIOmedical REsearch Supply COre is a non-profit entity that is supported by the University of Maryland School of Medicine.
  • Mission: To conserve time, money, space and effort for the University of Maryland, Baltimore and its researchers, by maintaining a central supply core facility which thrives upon its ability to innovate and re-create itself in accordance with the requirements of the University and its staff.
  • The program is funded through the discounts offered by the participating vendors. We are self- supporting and operate at no cost to the University.
  • Pay no shipping/handling charges. (Average cost $30-40).
  • Receive Discounts from list prices (2-40%). We offer the lowest prices for Catalog-listed molecular and cell biology products from our vendors on this campus.
  • Access over 40 vendors - Over 5000 "on-site" items.
  • Access over 450,000 DISCOUNTED products and reagents. You can purchase items from our vendors' catalogs whether or not they are listed in our catalog (in most cases).
  • Receive FREE campus-wide delivery, twice daily.
  • Purchase with a minimum amount of paperwork and inconvenience. Consolidate your purchasing.
  • Keep unnecessary Styrofoam and packing materials out of the environment. We offer clean cardboard boxes, packing materials, Styrofoam shippers and freezer packs for freeevery morning