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University of Maryland School of Medicine conducts its first clinical trial of Zika vaccine

BALTIMORE, Md. - The University of Maryland School of Medicine tested out its first Zika vaccine shots Tuesday, in hopes to further research that could lead to a vaccine used around the world.

The vaccine was developed by the National Institute of Health, which chose three places to test, first in their labs in Bethesda, then at the U of M School of Medicine, and finally at Emery University in Atlanta.

On Tuesday, 18 local volunteers were inoculated, according to Monica McArthur the primary investigator for the vaccine. Thirty people will get the shot in Baltimore, in all 80 people will be tested.

The vaccine is in a Phase I trial. That simply tests how it reacts with the human body, and shows if antibodies and other cells are created to fight the "infection."

Courtesy of ABC 2 WMAR. Click here to watch the video.