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News & Announcements Immunotherapy Startup Moves into the University of Maryland BioPark

ImmuCision BioTherapeutics made the move after securing funding and validation for its work with dendritic cells – all this year.

After a pair of key milestones this year, a startup working on a new way to treat cancer is opening an office in Baltimore city.

ImmuCision BioTherapeutics is taking office and lab space in the space at the University of Maryland BioPark at 801 Baltimore St.

The startup’s technology was invented by Hua Cheng, who is faculty member at the university. It’s taking a new approach in the fledgling area of immunotherapy, which harnesses that body’s own immune system to treat cancer.

ICBT’s work is focused on dendritic cells, which Cheng described as a “regulator” of the immune system. The founder sees the cells as a potential catalyst to create immune cells that could be used to treat types of cancer that are not addressed by chemotherapy or other existing treatments.

“ImmuCision has developed an innovative method that can significantly improve the growth (and quality) of dendritic cells in the lab,” Cheng said in a statement. “In addition, the newly developed method allows efficient genetic modification to enhance dendritic cell function.”

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