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The Wire Goes Bio: Baltimore’s Becoming a Biotech Powerhouse

Another biotech has moved to Baltimore to be near the University of Maryland BioPark in the heart of the city, which was the backdrop for the critically acclaimed show “The Wire.”  The latest venture, KaloCyte, leaves St. Louis, Missouri, and heads east for Baltimore—quite possibly one of the most fascinating cities in America and increasingly home to a thriving biotech industry.

The Latest Venture

KaloCyte’s product is called ErythroMer, a blood product created to handle blood loss situations during trauma conditions—often where blood loss is the leading cause of preventable death— but for the lack of blood. The Baltimore Sun reports that there are no real blood substitutes but products are in the pipeline.

If ErythroMer ultimately is deemed safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it may well become the only blood substitute allowing medical personnel to freeze-dry for extensive storage and transportation scenarios. Use cases abound but prominent ones include military and domestic trauma scenarios not to mention usage in developing countries.

Why did KaloCyte move to Baltimore?

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