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CGD Sensors, LLC

CGD Sensors, LLC is addressing a critical unmet need in dentistry: measuring blood flow in teeth. When a patient has tooth pain, the standard of care today is to assess the tooth for signs of infection or damage, and attempt to measure tooth nerve response (“sensibility testing”). However, the real measure of whether the tooth can be saved is to determine whether there is blood flow in the pulp (soft inner section) of the tooth. Various techniques for making this measurement have been tried unsuccessfully, including laser doppler – an optical technique that measures shifts in the frequency of light passing through the tooth that is caused by motion of blood cells. CGD (“coherence gated doppler”) incorporates critical improvements to laser doppler that have been successfully demonstrated in live subjects. This rapid, painless, non-invasive, optical technique is capable of measuring the movement of blood cells solely within the tiny volume of the tooth pulp. Whether or not there is blood flow will help the dentist decide whether she should attempt to save the tooth, perform a root canal, or extract the tooth. The technology has the potential to eliminate repeat visits to the dentist, eliminate unnecessary treatments, improve patient outcomes, and reduce the overall costs of dental care. It also offers the potential for longitudinal monitoring of tooth health to guide timely interventions.

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Randal Chinnock
Chief Executive Officer
801 W. Baltimore St.
Suite 502-M
Baltimore  Maryland  21201
United States