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BioPark Services


Tenants have access to the University's central research supply core, BIORESCO with benefits including:

  • Pay no shipping/handling charges.
  • Receive Discounts from list prices (2-40%).
  • Access over 40 vendors - Over 5000 "on-site" items.
  • Access nearly 4 million discounted products and reagents.
  • Receive free delivery.
  • Purchase with a minimum amount of paperwork and inconvenience. Consolidate your purchasing.
  • Keep unnecessary Styrofoam and packing materials out of the environment. We offer clean cardboard boxes, packing materials, styrofoam shippers and freezer packs for free every morning. Read more information about BIORESCO here.

On-Site Contact Research Organizations


Retail banking services at Harbor Bank's BioPark branch.

Homeownership Program

Live Near Your Work (LNYW)—an innovative matching grant program for homeownership and community building. The BioPark Corporation will provide the “employers” match of $2,500 toward a $5,000 employee benefit to cover closing costs or a down payment for your staff who buy a home in the neighborhoods surrounding the BioPark.

How do employers participate in Baltimore City’s LNYW program?
Complete the application and submit it the Baltimore Department of Housing. Contact Linda Cassard at 410-706-5036 to let her know you are applying.

Where is the eligible area?
To be eligible, an employee’s home purchase must be in communities within a one-mile radius of the UM BioPark west of Martin Luther King Boulevard. This includes:

  • Barre Circle
  • Franklin Square
  • Poppleton
  • Hollins Market
  • Harlem Park
  • Mount Clare
  • Union Square
  • Washington Village/Pigtown
  • Parts of Sandtown-Winchester, Upton and Madison Park

What this benefit can do for your company?
We hope the Live Near Your Work benefit will support the recruitment, retention and productivity of your employees. For current employees who commute long distances to work, offering the LNYW benefit may encourage them to live closer to the UM BioPark reducing their transportation costs, travel time and traffic-induced stress.

You can find out more about the city program here:

For more information, contact Linda Cassard.


The BioBucks program provides each tenant with a $1,500 annual award to fund "tenant-to-tenant” contracts or projects and University fee-for-service resources. Use BioBucks when entering into the following types of transactions:

  • Contract for services or products from among the University’s cores and labs
  • Contract with another BioPark tenant
  • Pay tuition for training employees through Baltimore City Community College’s (BCCC) Life Sciences Institute, UMB, the Robert H. Smith School of Business, NPower, or the Baltimore Technical Institute of Maryland (BTI)
  • Hire an intern from UMB, BCCC’s Life Sciences Institute, the Smith School NPower, or BTI
  • Join the UM BioPark at the annual BIO International Convention

To draw down funds, please contact Nora Finn with project details.


A FEDex box is located inside 801 W. Baltimore Street, off the lobby near the elevators. Pick up is 6 PM, Monday through Friday.

Conference Center

Tenants may reserve the Life Sciences Conference Center facilities in 801 W. Baltimore Street. Click here to be connected to the conference center page. Outside caterers may be used.

Tenants may also use some meeting and reception space on the University of Maryland campus. Fees may be charged. These include:

Southern Management Campus Center: variety of flexible meeting rooms

Westminster Hall – Former church at Fayette & Greene Streets
Capacity: 250 banquet style​
Or 410-706-2072

School of Nursing Auditorium
Capacity: 470
Contact: Office of Communications, 410-706-8418
Or [email protected]

Park Area

Enjoy seasonal outdoor breaks in the Park at 825 West Baltimore.

Bike Rack

Park your cycle in our park at 825 West Baltimore.

Building Management - Cushman & Wakefield

Sabrina Arrington
Assistant Property Manager, Life Science Operations

Expanding Your Company

Wexford Science & Technology

Pre-Built Lab Space

Learn more about the BioInnovation Center.

Lobby TV Screens

Tenants may post messages to communicate news, events or to welcome clients. You may use your own template to create your message or contact us for a template. Slides should be created in PowerPoint, landscape, 1920x1080 pixels. All submissions are subject to editing. Contact Nora Finn for additional information or to submit your slide for posting.


(410) 706-6882

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