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NextStep Robotics

NextStep Robotics is a therapeutic device and robotics company creating advanced solutions to alleviate and eventually eliminate foot drop symptoms. The NextStep Robotics’ team has extensive experience using novel robotic solutions in the field of neuro-rehabilitation. The Company has created a cutting-edge solution by developing a portable ankle robot, AMBLE, to alleviate and in some cases, treat foot drop. Combined with state-of-art software embedding intelligent algorithms, this is the first-ever clinically proven option to durably reduce the devastating impacts of foot drop, by providing safe and gentle assistance for each step. The device is designed for use under supervision of physical therapists in rehabilitation settings. This novel robotic device leverages neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to relearn new tasks with practice, to positively affect not just the impaired ankle but also over time, normalize the patients’ gait patterns—increasing the individual’s active participation at home and in community settings, aiding in a better quality of life.

800 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore  Maryland  21201
United States