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OncoSTING is developing recombinant STING agonist immunotherapies including OS-101 and others.

These live BCG-based immunotherapies are engineered to deliver sustained release of potent STING agonists and to retain the known efficacy of traditional BCG against bladder cancer. Propriety technology also reduces adverse events associated with traditional BCG.

STING agonists, small molecules that trigger proinflammatory innate immune responses against tumors, show promise to revolutionize cancer immunotherapy. OS-101 is a second-generation BCG immunotherapy for bladder cancer which produces high levels of a potent STING agonist and at the same time retains the known efficacy of traditional BCG. OncoSTING’s preclinical research and development has revealed that OS-101 is more effective than traditional BCG in multiple models of bladder cancer. Additionally, OS-101 has an improved safety profile compared to traditional BCG in preclinical studies.

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