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The Biopark

Services & Amenities

From access to the University of Maryland, Baltimore's 1,200 biomedical faculty researchers, cores, and facilities to commercial providers of contract research services located in the BioPark, many of the tools and expertise needed to advance your business are right here.

UM Academic Resources

Structured Biology Cores
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • X-ray Crystallography
  • Mass Spectroscopy
  • Proteotomics
  • Edman Sequencing & Protein Analysis
  • BIACore Facility
  • Protein Core
Imaging Core Facilities
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Shared Electron Microscopy
  • Imaging Core
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Genomic Technologies Cores
  • Biopolymer/Genomics
  • Transgenic & Knockout
  • Molecular Biology/Functional Genomics
Basic & Clinical Science Resources
  • Developmental Brain & Tissue Bank
  • Dermatoppathology/Histology
  • Histology
  • Biostatistics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Pharmaceutics Research Computing
  • Cell Biological Core
  • Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
  • Center for Clinical Trials
Preclincal Assay Development
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Animal Care & Veterinary Services
  • Translational
  • Cellular Physiology
  • Small Animal Physiology
  • Mouse Functional & Behavioral Core
  • Cytokine Laboratory
  • Stem Cell Technology
Drug Development Cores
  • Pharmacokinetics Biopharmaceutics
  • Industrial Pharmaceutics
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Nanomedicine & Cellular Delivery
  • Computer Aided Drug Design
  • High Throughput Screening
  • GMP Facility

Some agreements, basic contracts or collaborative research agreements detail the benefits and fees for access to services.

Click here for a full listing of UMB’s core facilities and shared resources or contact Nick Ambulos to access these resources.

On-Site Contract Research Organizations

On-Site UMB Core Facilities


Biomedical Research Supply Core (BIORESCO "freezer program")


  • BIOmedical REsearch Supply COre is a non-profit entity that is supported by the University of Maryland, School of Medicine.
  • Mission: To conserve time, money, space and effort for the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and its researchers, by maintaining a central supply core facility which thrives upon its ability to innovate and re-create itself in accordance with the requirements of the University and its staff. 
  • The program is funded through the discounts offered by the participating vendors. BIORESCO is self-supporting and operates at no cost to the University.

What are the advantages of Purchasing through BIORESCO?

  • Pay no shipping/handling charges. (Average cost $30-40).
  • Receive Discounts from list prices (2-40%). BIORESCO offers the lowest prices for Catalog-listed molecular and cell biology products from our vendors on this campus.
  • Access over 50 vendors - Over 5000 "on-site" items.
  • Access nearly 2 million discounted products and reagents. Purchase items from vendors' catalogs whether or not they are listed in BIORESCO's catalog (in most cases).
  • Receive free campus-wide delivery, twice daily.
  • Purchase with a minimum amount of paperwork and inconvenience. Consolidate your purchasing.
  • Keep unnecessary Styrofoam and packing materials out of the environment. BIORESCO offers clean cardboard boxes, packing materials, styrofoam shippers and freezer packs for free every morning.


Other Advantages

  • On-Site UMB Core Facilities
  • The UMB Health Sciences and Human Services Library containing more than 350,000 volumes and 2,500 journal titles
  • On-site conference facilities
  • Catering services
  • Retail banking services at Harbor Bank’s BioPark branch
  • Dedicated campus police substation providing 24/7 BioPark security
  • Free "Circulator" shuttle service through BioPark and UMB campus to the Inner Harbor, Harbor East and Fells Point
  • UMB Shuttle Service, ID required, free