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Leaders in Healthcare Industry Join Forces to Address Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

UNIVEC, Inc. and bioRemedies MD align to introduce products offering safe alternatives to pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders

Dr. David Dalton, CEO of UNIVEC, Inc., and Patrick Kelly, President of bioRemedies MD, LLC, today announced a breakthrough partnership to offer safe adjunct therapies for pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders. bioRemedies MD's proprietary cannabinoid-based products will be used by UNIVEC, Inc. in clinical behavioral health settings for out-patient treatment.

bioRemedies MD's scientifically formulated cannabinoid products are unlike anything on the market today. Through the use of FDA and pharmaceutical processes, technology, and standards, bioRemedies MD has been able to ensure high-quality, reproducible, and targeted formulations. Their proprietary nanotechnology delivers cannabinoids efficiently and effectively, a requirement for academic research and healthcare target markets, and allows their commercial products to compete on quality and cost. UNIVEC, Inc. will make private label and bioRemedies MD products available through several distribution channels throughout the U.S. market, including recently acquired community-based outpatient mental health centers.

"I recently announced the beginning of Univec's business plan for 'Wraparound Services' in Maryland for the mental health and substance use disorder," said Dr. David Dalton, CEO of Univec, Inc. "Aligning our work with bioRemedies MD is consistent with being in the forefront of delivering targeted care using custom-blend multi cannabinoid adjunct therapies."

UNIVEC, Inc. is working to change the way healthcare is delivered in the United States. The company works with several community-based outpatient mental health centers to treat behavioral health. bioRemedies MD complements UNIVEC, Inc. principles—treating the patient as a whole and applying "total wraparound" support for patients, families, and caregivers.

Patrick Kelly, President of bioRemedies MD, LLC, remarked, "The time is now to bring these products to the community, weary from substance use disorders and barriers to mental health treatment. Our partnership with UNIVEC, Inc. meets people where they are to help those suffering from pain, opioid misuse, anxiety, and sleep disorders."

About bioRemedies MD, LLC
bioRemedies MD specializes in cannabinoid-complementary and -integrative products. Their products have been in research and development at the company's University of Maryland BioPark lab since industrial hemp research was legitimized 2016.

About UNIVEC Inc.
Univec Inc. is an organization targeted for change in the healthcare delivery system specializing in mental health and substance misuse.

Media Contact for bioRemedies MD, LLC Patrick Kelly [email protected]. 410-340-5360

Media Contact for UNIVEC, Inc. Dr. David Dalton [email protected] 443-253-0194